Islam, Culture and Money

This perception that you only live once (YOLO) has been around for almost a decade now - and we see people chasing wild dreams damning all the consequences.

This segment is a reality check for all and sundry - we have prominent scholars and professionals who will be sharing their ethical path to success in life and business particularly exposing how they persistently avoided the unlawful/illegal means to attain their present status in the community.

Wealth Purifier (Zakat, Sadaqat & Waqf)

You've struck the biggest business deals on the planet multiple times and still you have nothing to show for it, guess you must be wondering why right...?
Look no further as this segment will explain to you in piece meal the pointers for a sustainable Financial Base, you'd also learn who a Zakat Giver, Receiver & Administrator are and be rest assured to hear from renowned scholars and academicians who would provide answers to these and your many questions.


What's new? What's trending in the Islamic Finance world?
This series promises to bring to you monthly, different views to increase your self awareness of Islamic Finance and endear you to participate instantly.