Focus Islam Radio Show – EP3

Islam, Culture and Money
Islam, Culture and Money
Focus Islam Radio Show - EP3

Islam, Culture and Money Series

This Daily Radio program was sponsored by The Metropolitan Waqf Foundation

Did you know?

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, estimates that in Nigeria,
– 10.5 million children between the ages of 6 and 14 are out of school
– That represents 20% of all out-of-school children in the world.
– In Northern Nigeria, the net attendance rate is 53%

EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO A PROGRESSIVE SOCIETY and the Metropolitan Waqf, an Islamic endowment fund, is contributing its quota to the education of underprivileged people in the society.

We are dedicated to helping underprivileged members of society access quality education at all levels in a safe and secure environment.

Our short-term projects are,
– The provision of financial and material aid to students at the primary and secondary school level
– Scholarship grants to University undergraduates
– Community enlightenment programs to encourage enrolment and participation of children in schools

Our long-term vision is the establishment of a high-standard secondary school and tertiary institution to provide accessible education to a demanding demographic, especially in Northern Nigeria.

Contact (SMS Only): +234 806 389 0629

The Metropolitan Waqf………Knowledge is Power!

Let’s talk about Islam, Culture, and Money
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